Warnings Regarding Wrong Teachings : The gift or sign of tongues is not an evidence of Baptism of the Spirit or fullness of the Spirit. Nowhere do we find this in scripture. 

The Baptism of the Spirit si not evidence by tongues nor is the fullness of the Spirit. There are multitudes of beleivers who have been filled with the Holy Spirit and served with great power, yet they have never spoken in tongues.

Nor the tongues an evidence of Spiritual maturity. The church in Corinth had a great deal of speaking in tongues. and yet they are very immature, wordily and carnival. Do not let any one confuse you. If some one says, "If you are baptized by the spirit, you must speak in tongues". Do not believe him. You are baptized by the spirit when you are saved. If they say, "well if you are filled with the spirit, then you will speak in tongues" that statement is not biblical.