Then What about Tongue Speakers : In these days I am seeing may persons who profess that they are "Speaking in tongues. But they didnt proved that what they are doing is biblical.. Even he claims personally I Know that he is not joyful, thankful and submissive . I found him as carnal, worldly and spiritually immature as Corinthian believers.  And they are not using this gift as bible recommends. Please read 1 Corinthians 12,13,14.

You can ask me : do you think God could not give the gift of tongues today?. I think God is sovereign and God can do what ever he wants to do. I beleive that God can, if he wants to, give a gift of tongues. But we must not make this a test of any thing.

There are some people who have had a false experience - a counterfeit experience. Not every body who thinks he is filled with the Spirit is really filled with the Spirit. He might be fooled by the spirits. Satan is a great counterfeit. We must exercise spritual discernment

The Spirit of God can use your tongue to praise God and witness to the Lost. Sad to say, some people have their tongues set on fire from hell (James 3:6). The apostles had their tongues set on hire from heaven. When Peter preached the Gospel filled with the Sprit, God used his tongue and 3,000 people came to know Christ as their saviour

The important thing is that we are filled with the Holy Spirit.